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When the Egyptians built the Pyramids, they painted the tops with gold in order to connect with the sun. The pyramids became a symbol of advanced science and a brand that raised the flag of an ancient civilisation and challenged the modern ones. The sky was the limit, and the construction of the Pyramids encouraged clusters of learning, research and the discovery of talent.Today, more than a year after the downfall of the Mubarak regime, Egypt needs to build a new pyramid — a huge task involving parallel processes of political, economic and social reform.

A Second Wave of Corporate Governance in the Middle East and North Africa

November 2011

The fast economic growth the world witnessed in emerging economies, particularly in China and India, has increased the awareness and need for stronger governance in private and state-owned companies (SOC). The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, in light of the recent uprisings, is being forced once again to re-evaluate its corporate governance structure and the lessons taken from such successful transition economies provide valuable insights. My colleague, IMD Professor Didier Cossin, Director of the IMD Global Board Center, and I have collaborated to analyze this situation


October 2012

The Ecobank case is a pan African strategy/business development case with strong elements of Human Resources and talent management issues as well as governance and organizational design. The case is an inspirational story about a group of visionary people from 14 West African countries who in 1984 – with limited resources – decide to create a pan African bank to further the development of Africa. Today, Ecobank has 8.3 million customers, 18,000 employees and a footprint that covers 32 African countries – more than any other bank. In July 2012 Ecobank was named “Best Bank in Africa” by Euromoney for the second year in a row. The case covers the three expansion stages of the bank, and the strategy it has employed in managing rapid growth both organically and through cross border acquisitions. It has a unique approach of “acting locally, while being one bank” which is strongly reflected in its governance systems and organizational design.

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